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Asheville is on the short list of Southern towns offering beautiful, historic downtown districts with…

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North Asheville is an incredible mix of historic residential neighborhoods, a small-scale commercial…

South Asheville Real Estate

South Asheville is the most difficult part of Asheville to sum up neatly. It is so much to so many. It has new, friendly…

East Asheville Real Estate

East Asheville starts east of Beaucatcher Mountain, which is the eastern mountain backdrop to Downtown Asheville….

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Many consider West Asheville the eclectic artist community that Asheville….

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I best conduct my real estate search from outside Asheville?

Most people start searching for Asheville homes and researching our area months or even years in advance of an actual move. At Outside Realty, we are passionate about sharing Asheville with all who’ll listen–we’re true evangelists for our area. As our name suggests that means not only providing the best property research tools, but also introducing you to the lifestyle in the western North Carolina mountains. We’re happy to offer advice early-on in your search and will never harrass you with calls or emails. Just reach out with the form below or give us a call–from property taxes to the best seasonal flies for brown trout, we’ll get your questions answered right away and without obligation.

Asheville real estate prices seem high--why do people keep moving to Asheville?

The factors that drive prices higher are limited supply and increasing demand. On the demand-side, Asheville continues national attention for its access to national forests and parks and cultural opportunities. While these advantages of our area are desireable, the main factor is Asheville is in a climatic sweet-spot. Ever since the advent of air conditioning, there has been a strong, sustained trend of Americans moving south to escape cold, dark winters. In the past 20 years, people have discovered Asheville’s more moderate climate–a few snow days annually are well-worth escaping brutal southern summers.